February 27, 2024

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Zakk Wylde is Caught “Finger Syncing” Classic PANTERA “Floods” Solo During Concert

PANTERA has been under a lot of scrutiny and criticism for a racist outburst made by singer Phil Anselmo back in 2016, and now there’s accusations that the band is using backing tracks at concerts, namely Zakk Wylde the replacement guitarist for late great shredder Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Check out the footage below of Zakk appearing to totally go ‘Milli Vanilli on the fret board’, when it is clear to see that he is not really sounding out all of the notes that are heard via the piped in prerecorded audio of “Floods” solo captured live in Fort Lauderdale on 02/03/24. This is not the first time the big fella has been accused of faking it. Wylde has yet to release one single play along video without the aid of a PA system rigged with tape running through the speakers at staged concerts to prove that he can really play Dimebag’s parts correctly.

This shady practice has been happening all around rock music, with fans witnessing MÖTLEY CRÜE faking it and other well-known hard rock and metal acts, including Nu metal fakers STATIC-X getting busted for using backing tapes.