July 21, 2024

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Does John 5 Want Out Of MÖTLEY CRÜE?

MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s replacement guitarist John 5 is reportedly not very happy with how things have turned out with his new employer. Word is that things did not go so well between he and Nikki Sixx during the attempted production of a new album. This is why they do not have a completed record, despite Sixx claiming earlier that it was finished and ready to mix and master. There was purportedly an attempt to use AI technology for most of the production, including composing songs, believe it or not, along with using Bob Rock as ghost bassist, plus using AI also to help recreate Vince Neil’s lost voice. The songs turned out so bad that Sixx dumped them for these new 3, that he believes will save the band’s legacy, although who knows when they will get the rest of the long-awaited comeback album finished if they even really do try.

Now that drummer Tommy Lee has confirmed that the band only really has “3 new songs” in the can, it is safe to say that the boys are clearly feeling the pressure of the Mars lawsuit, and the 72-year-old rock God’s legit solo debut that has already kicked off successfully with two heavy as hell singles which frankly, nobody else in rock music can match right now, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. This obviously has Sixx and Kovac freaking out for real.

What happened to some new music, Nikki? You mean, an elderly person outperformed you again?

Everyone knows that John 5 and the Creatures will be heading out on tour themselves at the start of 2024. There is a distancing that is going on between them, even in 5’s own words about there not really being a finished Crue record. “It might just be released as singles,” he said in a newer interview.

Will the real MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist please stand up?

“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, kid.”

Mick Mars is a heavy metal icon, and it was recently announced he will be inducted into the heavy metal hall of fame in January, so you know that makes Sixx, Lee and Neil even more jealous of him.

John 5 is an exceptional talent on his own as well, but let’s face it, he remains in the tall looming shadow of Mars, so maybe that is where the problem stems from.

In the end, John 5 doesn’t need Sixx. Sixx needs John 5, right? Or he has no more band. Just like Mars does not need Sixx, and that is pretty much what he is proving right now, isn’t he? Imagine that. An old feeble man is stealing the thunder from a younger Sixx for once? The traffic numbers at TMD site have been in the tens of millions each month all year long thankfully to Mick Mars, because nobody is bum rushing my news stories about the Crue anymore. All they care about is Mick!

On the flip side, the CRÜE recently called off their previously announced Crue Year’s Eve concert. Rumors of poor ticket sales has everyone whispering behind closed doors. What is really going on with the band that kicked out the old man, shit all over his legacy and gaslighted him? Are they finally getting some of their own poison brand of medicine for once? Bad Karma. It will always come back to haunt you at some point, right?

Don’t forget in this life.

Everyone has their own agenda.

Mick Mars learned that the hard way after 41 years of loyal service to the band he named and helped get off the ground with the band’s first producer, only to be sabotaged on The Stadium Tour and set up to fail when Sixx, Lee and Neil used backing tracks all of the 36 concerts and blamed all their gaffes on Mars having “cognitive decline”.

John 5 misses his time in Rob Zombie band and could just see a brighter future by abandoning this once shiny and pretty dream he had about being part of a great band that could even maybe make it in the rock n roll hall of fame one day. But now with those hopes pretty much sunk due to the exposure of Sixx being a fake bassist and the band relying mostly on smoke n mirrors to get fans in the seats, it might just be the right time for John 5 to go his own way again.

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