July 19, 2024

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Is Mick Mars A Prime Target To Be Suicided By The Music Mafia?

There is a lot of money on the table in the MÖTLEY CRÜE vs. Mick Mars profits dispute.

We are talking about potentially tens of millions of dollars owed to Mick Mars for his involvement in last year’s The Stadium Tour, between ticket sales revenue and merchandise, for the twice postponed comeback extravaganza, which the guitarist exposed as being one big fraud, due to everyone in the band but himself using prerecorded backing tracks for main instrumentation and singing.

Now word comes out about Satanic devil worshipping and sex orgies with virgins being exposed during this mostly private legal battle and it has put a target on Mick’s back. 

Fans are well aware of what is at stake. Mick’s former bandmates want his share of 25% in the band’s company reduced down to only 5%. Mick wants to get his shares restored to the full original amount, plus any additional ‘award’ that the court would grant him, upon his potential legal upset, by proving that his bandmates sabotaged the tour on purpose. If Mick can get to 51% shares, he gains control of the band and can fire everyone, including the shady Crue manager Kovac.

There is only one problem: keeping Mick alive long enough for him to score a legal upset. 

Insiders believe that Mick, 72, is a prime target to be whacked by the music mafia, an arm of the Illuminati, who assassinates rock stars that get in the way of their ‘profits’.

Sixx, who is said to be a member of the Freemasons, along with partners in crime, Lee and Neil, could easily opt to have the Mick Mars problem solved by getting a contract put out on his life.

The mafia is always connected to the rock music world, in more ways than one, and someone who becomes a ‘problem’ can be eliminated very easily.

Staging a fabricated suicide is a common occurrence, believe it or not. People get suicided all the time, and it is hard to detect as a covered up murder.

Late SOUNDGARDEN frontman Chris Cornell is a perfect example. In 2017, Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD conducted his own independent death investigation, and determined through forensic analysis that the singer was murdered, having suffered 9 rib fractures during a struggle for his life.

LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington was found hanging in an eerily reminiscent manner on Chris Cornell’s birthday two months later. Both rockers were investigating human trafficking and child sex slavery.

SUICIDED (dauntlessdialogue.com)

Fans will recall that Vince Neil’s late former girlfriend, the porn star legend Savanah was said to have been purportedly killed by Neil as part of a Satanic ritual and it was covered up as a suicide.

THE HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES guitarist Johhny Depp had a financial dispute over profits that went missing at The Viper Room club and Depp’s partner, Anthony Fox, insisted he was being hustled, and next thing you know, Mr. Fox disappeared. He was never seen again. It is believed his body is buried in the basement of that club.

One thing has been made perfectly clear. Mick Mars is not retiring from creating or performing rock n roll music. He wants to get back out and play again for the devoted Crue legion. He just wants to do things on his own terms, and not be made a fool of. He would like to revamp the Crue lineup and hire people who can actually play their instruments for real 100% and find a fresh, talented and exciting lead singer who doesn’t need a teleprompter to remember the lyrics.

That is the other dilemma Mick faces, in attempting to release his much-hyped debut solo album. If Sixx and the Crue’s mafioso business team deems that enough of a threat to their money-making scheme, that could be reason enough to put Mars in an eternal dirt nap asap. Why risk poor album sales for the new Crue record? The smart move is to just eliminate the competition once and for all.

The most infamous date for ritual slayings set on the Satanic calendar is Halloween, October 31st, so only time will tell if Mick ends up stiff as a board from getting assassinated or he soon stands before the heavy metal masses on a stage once again, crowned the victor in a battle to gain control of the world’s most dangerous band.