April 19, 2024

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Hollywood Vampires, The Antichrist and Abducted Kids

Randy “Rocket” Cody has dropped a new deep dive on The Hollywood Vampires rocker Johnny Depp. Read the following excerpt from his shocking dissertation:

This report is the first in a new series I am authoring about the history of vampires, more specifically, royal vampires, and how this pertains to missing kids and the coming of the Antichrist. I am also going to take readers deeper into the abyss, connecting Satanic ritual murder of abducted children to the Order of The Dragon, the Vatican and Washington DC – plus three of the biggest celebrity names around: Tom CruiseJohnny Depp and Nicholas Cage, the most famous Hollywood box office stars alive in the world today.

One important thing I would like to start out with first, is pointing to a very fascinating thing that each of these actors has in common with each other.

Each of them has portrayed a vampire in the movies.

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