July 19, 2024

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Chris Cornell’s Murder: His Brave Fight To Save Children And Expose The Illuminati

Chris Cornell’s death in 2017 was a tragedy that unfolded before our eyes in a way that is still hard to believe. My legendary death investigation that I launched independently on behalf of Mr. Cornell that same year captivated hundreds of millions around the world.

Chris most definitely had begun to make some enemies among the elite when he began exposing the truth about human trafficking at his concerts. This hero for the kids made it a point to tell the audience what was really happening. He expressed his disdain for billionaires, and he flat out told the world that bad things were going on, which I later found out included the Cornell’s foundation and nobody, not even his own wife seemed to care one bit. Other than his good buddy Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK fame having his back, Chris was pretty much alone at the end of his life when confronting these demonic pedophiles.

“Human trafficking still exists… slavery exists in many different forms. It’s in every big city.” – Chris Cornell July/2016

The enemy he most feared, however, was his own wife, Vicky Cornell, and sadly, I learned with each new report I researched and wrote about the investigation, which still continues to this very day, six long years later, just how horrific of a person this woman truly is.

I learned that Vicky was the one who hired the suspicious bodyguard, who essentially went with Chris everywhere, per standards in this line of work, yet when Chris needed him the most Martin Kirsten is not there by his side. Wait a second. Huh? That makes no sense, and during my extensive reporting on this case I made it perfectly clear to The Detroit News when they interviewed me in 2017 that my prime suspect was Kirsten, but my response to Hunter’s question “Who do you think killed Chris in that hotel room?” was removed from the interview posted online at The Detroit News site. This is very telling.

The reason why it is so telling is that I learned Kirsten is MOSSAD connected, just like late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Kirsten was, and all of this huge scandal with #Pizzagate, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington and the evil deeds that went down at Orgy Island, is all connected to the “black book” Chris Cornell got into his possession when the Swordfish file was sent to him. It is all tied together. I am told this computer file also included the infamous Frazzledrip video starring Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin killing a little girl on camera during a bloody satanic ritual which includes a demonic scene of cannibalism where parts of the child are consumed. My personal YouTube channel was recently terminated after sharing a snippet of the Frazzledrip video clip I posted on my channel which got nearly 20,000 views.

I have substantiated that this video does indeed exist on the dark web, and it is in two parts. An exterior and an interior location. One scene the young girl is chained to a tree and the other happens near a tub of some kind inside somewhere. I also heard the legit audio testimony of a man who was believed to be an NYPD officer who saw the video.

Through the years, the Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation has contributed money to Traina Interactive. As the story goes, Trevor Traina began his career at Seagrams which is run by the #Bronfman family linking back to #NXVIM cult. Ron Burkle (Jeffrey Epstein) is a big funder or Traina’s IfOnly.

Another organization The Chris and Vicky Cornell foundation connected with is AID STILL REQUIRED, working with sexually abused kids out of Haiti, which itself received massive donations from Bill and Hillary Clinton, who it turns out had helped to get their friend Laura Silsby off the hook for getting busted trafficking 33 kids out of Haiti.

#PizzaGate Haitian shipping containers linked to James Alefantis??? Hmmm…

“Speaking to TMD, a source close to Cornell has come forward claiming that he had uncovered evidence of a “cocaine and child trafficking ring” in Mena, Arkansas, that was tied to Bill and Hillary Clinton. According to the source, Mr. Cornell had uncovered the identities of high-level Elites that were part of the same “Satanic Illuminati Occult Operation” as the Clintons and planned on exposing their “goings-on” right before he died.”

It is rumored that Chris Cornell was authoring a book at the end of his life that named names and exposed the Clinton Foundation’s alleged ties to AID STILL REQUIRED operating a trafficking ring in Haiti.

“On his website, Cody claims that a source close to Cornell told him the rocker was about to expose pedophiles among the political and entertainment elite.”

– George Hunter, The Detroit News

Randy Cody is among those questioning the suicide ruling. He points to perceived timeline gaps, forensic questions and what he says are signs that Cornell had a head wound that was not mentioned in autopsy reports.

He references alleged Detroit police scanner audio in which a medic is heard saying: “patient did have an exercise rubber band around his neck, suggestions of possible strangulation, trauma to the back of the head, history of depression. Patient is cool to the touch in all areas at this time.”

“There’s a YouTube video of (Cornell’s) last concert that clearly shows a wound on his head, but that’s never mentioned in the autopsy report,” Cody said.

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The Legacy of Chris Cornell, TheMetalDen.com & The Fight For HIGHER TRUTH!

Chris Cornell was more than just a musician. He was an innovator, an inspiration, and a voice for a generation. Born in Seattle in 1964, he rose to fame as the frontman of Soundgarden, one of the most iconic bands of the Grunge era. His remarkable vocal range and incredible songwriting abilities helped to define the sound of the era and earned him a place in music history.

Cornell’s music career spanned over three decades, during which he released several successful albums, both as a solo artist and with various music groups, including Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and his solo work. His music was known for its haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and its ability to connect with listeners on an emotional and personal level.

Despite Cornell’s success, his life was not without struggles. He had a history of drug and alcohol addiction, and he was open about his battles with depression and anxiety. However, he remained committed to his music and continued to inspire countless fans and aspiring musicians.

Tragically, Chris Cornell’s life was cut short on May 18, 2017, when he was found dead in his hotel room in Detroit. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging. However, many questions still remain about the circumstances surrounding his passing, particularly after new information emerged, indicating that his death may have been a homicide.

Chris Cornell was a rare talent, and his death was a great loss, not just for his friends and family but for the entire music world.

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