June 16, 2024

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PANTERA – Zakk Wylde Accused of Using Backing Tracks During U.S. Gig (VIDEO)

The PANTERA reunion/tribute/cash grab has just hit a major snag. During the band’s U.S. gig last night, guitarist Zakk Wylde looks suspicious with his back turned away a lot of the performance. Upon closer inspection, it seems he is fake playing with the assistance of pre recorded backing track during the song “Becoming”, which features Dime’s signature ‘squeals’ throughout that seem to be entirely lifted from the studio album version played by slain guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott.

Fan comments can be read on the video post via YouTube:

“Zakk looks and sounds like he is not really playing. He is using pre recorded tracks. You can totally tell on the harmonic squeal. That is Dime not Zakk!”

“Why didn’t Zakk release play along vids to these songs like John 5 did?”

Newly surfaced footage suggests that MÖTLEY CRÜE may have utilized pre-recorded tracks during their live shows, causing disappointment among their fans and raising doubts about the authenticity of their performances.

Fans will recall Dimebag Darrell was shot on the stage by a purported crazed fan that TMD learned was actually an MK ULTRA government assassin, believe it or not.

Singer Phil Anselmo had threatened to hurt Dimbeag when saying he deserved to be beaten severely right before the staged mass shooting took place at Alrosa Villa on December 8th, 2004.

Was this all planned as a “trigger” for the assassin to follow through with the CIA backed hit of the legendary guitarist? Or was it just Anselmo’s way of mocking Dimebag before the government planned assassination took place?

Learn more about the shocking revelations HERE.

Phil Anselmo’s Mouth for War Vs. The Abbott Brothers: “They always feared me!”