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DIMEBAG, Remote Control Assassins & The CIA

Photo Credit: Chad Lee

DIMEBAG, Remote Control Assassins & The CIA

(Part 2 of a 3 part report)

This report originally posted on January 8, 2018

By Randy “Rocket” Cody

When Dimebag Darrell Abbott was hanging outside of the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio before he took the stage for the final time on December 8, 2004, all accounts were that he was in great spirits, taking pictures with fans and signing autographs.

Not long before the gig was to start, a twenty-five-year-old man named Nathan Gale pulled up in his vehicle and apparently parked it directly in front of the band’s bus.

The disgraced ex-Marine had been thrown out for alleged ‘mental problems’ he developed while he was in the military.

As the story goes, Gale had served only two years out of the four he was signed up for when he was sent packing by Uncle Sam. Labeled “schizophrenic”, the discharge served as a way for the CIA to use this young man I believe as an unwitting MK Ultra remote control assassin.

After being booted from the Marines with a Paranoid Schizophrenic diagnosis, Nathan Gale
arrived back home where his mother gave him the gun he would use in the massacre.

In my previous report, I established that at the time of the shootings at Alrosa Villa Nathan Gale lived right next door to a masonic lodge and a police station.

It’s well known to occult investigators that police officers are among membership in lodges all across America.

And the Grand Master of the Lodge, who worships Lucifer, is the one who coordinates with the CIA in underground bases all around America to inflict mind control on people who have split personality disorder. These are the same assholes who are abducting innocent kids, raping and killing them during bloody Satanic ritual ceremonies known in the past as PEDOGATE, now today called #Pizzagate.

Wonderland Facility and Church of Set Satanic military psycho, Michael Aquino, held top secret clearance there, along with major movie stars and rockers, who are also secret members of the Church of Satan in Los Angeles, going back four decades.

By way of extensive occult research I have determined that the CIA, comprised of high ranking 33 degree masons, are today running a black ops program for MK Ultra being used on actual U.S. citizens.

Back 13 years ago, they had long mastered mind control and I feel it was totally possible for
this sort of covert CIA hit to be executed.

Nathan Gale’s record was checkered with many run ins with the law, so it appears that they deemed him a perfect ‘dissociative’ personality to be molded into a Monarch model used for a government hit job, and, the CIA stepped in to hijack Nathan’s mind remotely.

The cause of Dissociative identity disorder (DID), also known as multiple personality disorderis believed to be due to childhood trauma.

In about 90% of cases there is a history of serious abuse in childhood.

Who was the government contact doing the dirty work? Gale’s handler could very well have been the Chaplain at his base with CIA ties. I learned that many times the religious leader among the military rank are the ones privy to top secret operatives picked from the military for a covert clandestine mission, understand?

They conspire with Uncle Sam and the Vatican in Rome to pull off big time government murder plots.

Being a former Marine myself, I can tell you that they run you through every battery of test known to man and then some before and during boot camp, and they build a thick file that basically knows everything about you, mentally and physically.

The Feds profile potential MK Ultra robots based off that info and use it to build ‘remote programmed killers’ for their secret missions.

Obviously someone who is normal and well adjusted does not suit their program, got it? So the would pass on my file and when they came across a perfect mark like Gale they put his file in a special stack.

DAMAGEPLAN recorded and mixed their one and only album at Chasin’ Jason Studios, Dalworthington Gardens, Texas. Jerry Cantrell is said to have talked Dimebag into ending PANTERA and starting a new band while sitting in a car with Dimebag.

During the release of their debut album, DAMAGEPLAN cut a song called ‘Ashes to Ashes’, featuring Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains, and it appeared on The Punisher soundtrack.

“Ashes To Ashes… Dust To Dust”

The single “Save Me” debuted on American radio on January 26, 2004.

On February 18, 2005 Patrick Lachman performed with the surviving members of Alice in Chains at a benefit for tsunami relief in Seattle, Washington filling in for their late lead singer Layne Staley.

“Pat wasn’t who we thought he was,” said Dime’s girlfriend Rita Haney after the massacre.

Save me from myself I call out
But no one hears my plea
Burn my candle fast from both ends
Nightmares grow from dreams

You don’t know, you can’t see through my eyes
So you don’t know me
You don’t know what’s going through my mind
But can you help me

The lyrics to the song “Save Me” are indeed predictive programming. They depict a man who is under MK Ultra and is losing his mind.

That is all part of the New World Order agenda to sell more pharmaceutical antidepressants, and
to put the masses in a traumatized state.

Lachman’s previous band named DIESEL MACHINE released an album entitled, Torture Test.

Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. Sleep deprivation, electroshock and physical torture are hallmark tactics used by the CIA on their MK Ultra victims.

According to police, Gale fired a total of fifteen shots, taking the time to reload once, remaining silent throughout the shooting.

This is despite the fact that mainstream news media immediately reported Nathan to have made a statement toward Dimebag before he shot him at point blank range.

“You broke up Pantera!”

Being silent as he moves during the rampage is fully indicative of the ‘zombie state’ MK Ultra produces in a person I learned.

Trigger words can be used over the phone or in cryptic email messages to get the MK Ultra victim
to do whatever the CIA programmer/handler wants them to, whether it be murdering someone or breaking into a building to steal important information from an adversary or a corporation.

When security staff tried to stop him, Gale fired in their direction, wounding DAMAGEPLAN tour manager Chris Paluska, and killing club bouncer Erin Halk, who had attempted to stop the gunman with a beer bottle as a weapon.

Mayhem Thompson fought with Gale for a short time, miraculously stopping him from killing Vinnie Paul Abbott and band tech, John Graham, as well as knocking off Gale’s glasses (preventing him from seeing Officer Niggemeyer only moments later), before being fatally shot by Gale.

Audience member Nathan Bray, who had leaped onstage to try to give CPR to Dimebag and Mayhem, got to his feet and took a single step towards Gale before taking a fatal shot in the chest. “Kat” Brooks was in the midst of a scuffle with Gale onstage. He would next be taken hostage in a headlock. “Kat” was shot several times (once in the right hand, his right leg, and his right side) as he struggled to get the gun from Gale.

Five officers burst onto the scene via the front entrance led by a police officer named Rick Crum, and they moved toward the stage. At the same time, officer James D. Niggemeyer entered through the backdoor, behind the stage where the killer remained.

Gale was able to only see the officers in front of the stage. He never saw Officer Niggemeyer.

“Kat” flinched to move his head and Officer Niggemeyer next shot Gale in the face with a police-issued Remington 870 shotgun.

Gale was found to have 35 rounds of ammunition remaining on his person.

Don’t believe that someone can be turned into a robot killer for Uncle Sam?

The scary truth is that random Americans today are subjected to long duration tortures using directed energy RADAR weapons and this can affect your mood and health, even make you want to kill yourself or someone you are programmed to kill, got it? They can attack you via your cell phone or computer.

The Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was conned into accepting a plea bargain based on “mental defect.”

Although Kaczynski is said to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia, there’s compelling evidence that any “mental defect” that afflicts him is the result of his involvement as a test subject in a federally sponsored MK Ultra mind control experiment as a Harvard student in the late 1950s.

An MK ultra expert explains more:

“By any measure, Ted Kaczynski — a math prodigy who skipped two grades — was a brilliant and promising young man. After enrolling in Harvard as a 16-year-old, Kaczynski was lured into acting as a guinea pig in a series of abusive and damaging psychological tests supervised by behavioral psychologist Dr. Henry Murray. During World War II, Murray worked with the OSS (which would later become the CIA), developing psychological tests to evaluate potential spies. He also devised methodologies for interrogating POWs. His experiments at Harvard continued seamlessly from his work with the OSS. Murray’s study, which was funded by the Pentagon, the CIA, and the Rockefeller Foundation, was entitled “Multiform Assessments of Personality Development Among Gifted College Men.” According to Ted’s brother David, this program was not a sterile academic exercise; he describes it as ‘a conspiracy of psychological researchers who used deceptive tactics to study the effects of emotional and psychological trauma on unwitting human subjects.'”

Fan Ross Walter Cron offers his feelings about the assassination:

“I believe Gale was an MK ultra assassin, and Dime’s death was due to the fact Pantera’s imagery and stage presence had links to white nationalism. He was murdered because Pantera were an enemy of agenda 21, does anyone honestly think four white dudes from Texas who have Confederate flags on their merch, guitars, a skinhead singer and psuedo racist lyrics would be welcome today in 2018? Hell no. That’s why they became a target for the Agenda 21 movement and what better way to make sure they never reunite than to kill the only guitar player.”

Theorists argue that Agenda 21, a 23-year-old non-binding UN resolution that suggests ways for governments and NGOs to promote sustainable development, is the linchpin in a plot to subjugate humanity under an eco-totalitarian regime. One of its most outspoken critics, American Policy Center president Tom DeWeese, has described the resolution as ‘a new kind of tyranny that, if not stopped, will surely lead us to a new Dark Ages of pain and misery yet unknown to mankind’.”

The menticide/genocide programs were planned as far back as 1945 but not fully operational until around 1960. In 1976 and 1996 the programs of betrayal were stepped up significantly and more people in the “free world” were attacked by what used to be termed the “Psychic warfare unit” but is now rolled into the psychological warfare unit.

“As cruel as it is, thousands of random Americans are subjected to long duration tortures using directed energy RADAR weapons from thousands of miles away. There are many reasons why. But in the end it is just for data on how angry and beaten down humans will try to free themselves in the struggle so that their successful tactics can be clamped down on for the next generation of the tortured-to-death, while still maintaining the illusion of freedom for the rest of the population.”

Dr. Delgado from Yale sums it up best in a speech to Congress:

“Man does not have a right to their own mind.”

“Communism won as the underpinnings of control with a façade layer of capitalism to keep the
people thinking they have any say in the outcome. Ownership of one’s own mind was lost and
everything which that mind controls is therefore controlled by whoever controls the mind which they stole. This was the checkmate of the communist movement that thoroughly infiltrated the Department of Defense and ultra-conservative leadership under a different name. But so as not to alert the public at large, strict information controls lock down the ability of the average citizen to inform the public in conjunction with incredibly complex discrediting tactics developed by the CIA.”



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