June 18, 2024

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ACE FREHLEY – Fractured Mirror DVD Available




The epic theatrical presentation will cover all fifteen songs from the album including such fan favorites as "Revolution Calling," "Operation: Mindcrime," "I Don't Believe In Love" and the closing track, "Eyes Of A Stranger."

The band's headlining performance of Operation: Mindcrime at this year's four-day Rocklahoma festival will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the release and will be the only performance of its type in the United States this year. Last year, the band released Mindcrime at the Moore, a double DVD featuring the theatrical performances of both Operation: Mindcrime I & II albums that debuted at #1 on the Billboard Music DVD Chart. It marked the band's first #1 chart debut. In addition to Mindcrime, fans in attendance at Rocklahoma this July can expect an encore performance of well-known hits from other albums in the band's illustrious career now spanning 25 years.