June 18, 2024

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The custom RM100KH Kirk Hammett amp offers the full array of tones that have been the staple of rock music for over three decades. The custom head cranks out 100-watts of power, while harnessing the vast range of the accompanying MTS modules. The three custom Kirk Hammett modules allow for tones that run the gamut from classically clean to brutality crunchy, representing tones from Kirk's early, mid and later years. The MTS preamp modules are fully swappable and interchangeable, allowing musicians to pair existing modules with Kirk's legendary tones to build the ultimate rig.

"Randall Amplifiers is proud to present the RM100KH Kirk Hammett Custom amp to music fans worldwide," said David Karon, Artist Relations Manager at Randall Amplifiers. "We perfected the tones of the amp by working side-by-side with Kirk for well over a year, making sure we had his input and insight every step of the way. It's this intense attention to detail that makes the Kirk Hammett Custom amp a versatile rig for guitar players practicing at home, recording in the studio and playing live."



The RM100KH Kirk Hammett Custom amp stands proudly alongside the full line of Randall's Kirk Hammett Signature Series products, including custom cabinets and beautifully handcrafted limited edition half stacks. Kirk worked closely with Randall to ensure that all aspects of the products, from the flawless designs, to the perfected tones of the MTS modules, were up to his exact standards — even the volume, drive and level indications on the MTS modules are done in Kirk's own handwriting.

The Kirk Hammett Custom Amp retails for $1,999.00 and is available at exclusive Randall dealers.

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