WARDAEMONIC – Premiere New Song

Australian black metal band WARDAEMONIC has unleashed a new song and music video titled “Introspection”, taken from their upcoming new album “Acts of Repentance”. The new release is slated to be out in stores is out on March 20 via Transcending Obscurity.

Check out “Introspection” above.

Transcending Obscurity has been online since 2005 in one avatar or the other and has grown to be one of the biggest entities in metal in Asia over the years with a roster of nearly a hundred bands worldwide. Specialising in helping bands grow, the label has stores in US for North America and in Germany for Europe, in addition to physical distribution in North America and Europe. With heavyweights like MASTER, PAGANIZER, etc. and numerous luminaries aligning with the label, the future looks promising for the Indian label.

Official Site – http://tometal.com

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