VINCE NEIL – Undergoes Stomach Removal Surgery

MÖTLEY CRÜE lead vocalist, Vince Neil, reportedly underwent an 18 hour surgery to have his entire stomach removed this past weekend.

Per a band source, “Vince is now back home and resting comfortably.”

According to one online health site, “Removing your stomach doesn’t take away your ability to digest liquids and foods. However, you may need to make several lifestyle changes after the procedure.”

Gastrectomy is used to treat stomach problems that aren’t helped by other treatments. Your doctor may recommend a gastrectomy to treat:

benign, or noncancerous, tumors



perforations in the stomach wall

polyps, or growths inside your stomach

stomach cancer

rotund heavy metal singers

The Good Ole Days: The Crue Legend Has Taken Desperate Measures To Ensure His BIG Comeback! Skinny Vince Is Almost Home Sweet Home!!!

According to site, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx had stated for the record last week that Vince Neil is “killing it” while working with “trainers” and “nutritionists” in preparation for the opening night of the band’s upcoming “The Stadium Tour” with DEF LEPPARD, POISON and JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS.

What went wrong? How could such a drastic measure need to be taken all of the sudden?

Asked by a fan on Twitter about Vince‘s health, Nikki responded: “Vince is killing it. Trainers nutritionists focused on opening night. The whole band is.”

Apparently there was a setback this past week in the opening of Crue training camp for the troubled Neil, who grew more and more upset with himself every time he looked in the mirror at the gym facility.

The source states: “Vince was trying to do too much during the first couple of days and middle of last week he ended up accidentally breaking some of the gym’s workout equipment he was sitting on.”

Too Fat To Rock: Neil’s stomach was removed via mini-laparotomy incision

MÖTLEY CRÜE manager Allen Kovac admitted in a recent interview with Fox Business that “some of” the members of the band were working with trainers and nutritionists to get in shape for the upcoming reunion tour. Kovac was obviously referring to criticism of Vince Neil for his “diminished singing ability and horrendous weight gain.”

No word yet on when Vince will be able to return to his hardcore training regiment, due to the healing from this heavyweight surgery expecting to take several weeks.

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