VHS – Premiere New Music Video

Canada horror metal band VHS have unleashed a new music video for “Let’s Get Gruesome”, off of their recently-released album “We’re Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs”.

Check out now “Let’s Get Gruesome” above.

The 80’s….The time of neon, excess, and bad music. But the blood ran thick and eyeballs were exposed to some of the most ridiculous and nasty images ever committed to film. VHS is a tribute to the first time you saw Jason hit an unsuspecting girl into a tree, the first time Freddy cracked a one liner, or the first time you saw a gut munched in graphic detail. This is a tribute to 80’s horror, clamshells and all!

If you took old school death metal, punk simplicity, and a dose of 80’s hair metal and thrash, threw it in a blender the resulting black goo would be the sound of VHS. It’ll stick to your teeth and probably rot your insides but if you are an old school metal fan you’ll love every second of it.

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