TESTAMENT – New Album Release Date Announced

TESTAMENT’s forthcoming 13th studio album is slated to hit stores on April 3rd according to the band’s frontman Chuck Billy. Billy confirmed the news recently to Heavy New York in an interview conducted during this past Thursday’s (January 16th) Metal Allegiance show in Anaheim, CA. When asked if this new album was a continuation of their 2016 release, “Brotherhood Of The Snake“, Billy replied:

“You’re always trying to top your last record, and I thought ‘Brotherhood‘, up to that point, was a pretty strong record. This one, it definitely stands on its own — all the songs have their own identity. Eric somehow came up with a way to make it be Testament but feel fresh and new still Testament, so that’s pretty awesome.”

The forbearers of thrash resemble a Lovecraftian brotherhood. They’re the elder gods who set everything in motion for generations to imitate, while still ruling the roost from on high. Testament stand proudly among the same vanguard that boasted “The Big 4” and beyond.

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