SUFFOCATION – Latin America Tour Dates

SUFFOCATION will tour a portion of Latin America in June with ATHEIST. Additional dates will be added, but here’s the current itinerary:

20/06 Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Backstage Hall
21/06 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Uniclub
22/06 Santiago, Chile @ Teatro Cariola
25/06 Lima, Peru @ Cocos
28/06 Mexico City, Mexico @ Circo Volador
29/06 Monterrey, Mexico @ Cafe Iguana
30/06 Guadalajara, Mexico @ C3 Stage

A good four years separate rager Pinnacle of Bedlam from new killer Of the Dark Light. But it wasn’t always like this. Back in the ‘90s, Suffocation maniacs waited, at most, two years between old and new fixes of New York-styled brutality. Landmark full-length Effigy of the Forgotten was only two years removed from debut EP, Human Waste. Likewise, Breeding the Spawn slayed posers and pretenders a year and a half after Effigy of the Forgotten blueprinted Suffocation into the history books. And Pierced from Within, the wickedest death metal put to tape in the mid-‘90s, slammed fist first into mediocrity and mundanity two years after Breeding the Spawn. Clearly, there were times when Suffocation’s march towards total annihilation was fast and furious.

“There’s a reason we don’t put out records every two years now,” asserts long-time Suffocation guitarist and primary songwriter Terrance Hobbs. “For one, we don’t need to. Two, we tour more now than we did in the early days. And three, we’re no longer in our twenties. We all have lives and families now. Plus, I enjoy writing things and letting them organically mature. For example, I started writing songs for Of the Dark Light right after Pinnacle of Bedlam.”

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