SLIPKNOT – Percussionist Suing Band

Chris Fehn, percussionist of SLIPKNOT for more than 20 years, has allegedly filed a lawsuit against his bandmates.

According to The Blast, Fehn claims that he hasn’t been properly compensated for his more than 20 years in Slipknot, specifically calling out vocalist Corey Taylor and fellow percussionist Shawn Crahan for using separate companies through which to funnel money.

Fehn purportedly discovered that his bandmates had set up “several other Slipknot affiliated business entities” to collect Slipknot-related revenue that he should have been entitled to share.

The Blast reports that Fehn is requesting a full forensic accounting of Slipknot’s financial infrastructure.

UPDATE: Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has now commented on the matter via Twitter:

You’re gonna read a lot of bullshit today. This is all I’ll say. JUST YOU WAIT TIL THE TRUTH COMES OUT.
Long Live The Knot.

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