SLIPKNOT – Enters The Studio

Get Excited For The Next Chapter, Maggots!

Last spring SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor said the band would enter the studio “at the beginning of next year” to begin recording their next album and follow-up to 2014’s .5: The Gray Chapter. Well, it’s now 2019 and if the Instagram post seen HERE is any indication, Slipknot has indeed entered an undisclosed recording studio to begin tracking a new LP.

Stay tuned.

Come one, come all. We challenge you to All Out Life. You know we have always played for blood as well as you, our fans, have. So welcome to the beginning of a story that starts with the maggots themselves. As it should be. At this point we are a culture and a strong one at that. Things are rising once again and as always it begins and ends with you. Wake up and decide to give all you are to us and in return we will deliver a message that has always been the same which is, we the band give everything we are to our fans. You want my blood, Sweat and tears, well then you will get it. I’m not one for giving a million explanations. It’s art, so enjoy this first imagery that is the beginning window into what is to come. It’s a journey that you will be invited into. You at times will be lost, but you will always return. Enjoy this video and remember, if you want blood then you shall have it. Get ready for what’s to come. It’s right in front of you.clown

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