SEPULTURA – Post “Capital Enslavement” Live Jam

SEPULTURA’s weekly ‘SepulQuarta‘ web series took place yesterday, May 20th, and the legendary band recorded a new quarantined live performance. This time around the band jammed “Capital Enslavement” off their latest album “Quadra“, including Kadu Fernandes reprising his guest percussion role.

“From their humble beginnings in Belo Horizonte, Sepultura became the most successful Brazilian heavy metal band in history. Over a ten-year period, the group grew from strength to strength, transforming themselves from a primitive death metal ensemble with early recordings such as 1987’s Schizophrenia into one of the leading creative trendsetters of the international aggressive music scene by the time of 1989’s Beneath the Remains. Their reputation was cemented in 1991 with the release of Arise. Sepultura’s musical palette began to expand with 1993’s Chaos A.D., where they experimented with old-school heavy metal and groove metal. After a long tour following the release of 1996’s Roots, a bitter internal crisis ensued, and guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera left; it split the band and Sepultura struggled to recover their momentum. In 1998, with American singer Derrick Greene replacing Cavalera, they issued Against and began to find their groove again. They issued six more albums before drummer Igor Cavalera left the group to reunite with his brother and form the Cavalera Conspiracy. After hiring drummer Jean Dolabella to tour in 2006, Sepultura again found their way, as evidenced by 2009’s A-Lex, the widely celebrated Kairos in 2011, and Machine Messiah in 2017.” – All Music

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