SEPULTURA – Banned From Performing In Lebanon

Banned For Running With The Devil

SEPULTURA have reportedly been barred from playing in Lebanon this week. The band had been scheduled to perform in Beirut on April 28 but, according to Albawaba, Lebanese authorities accuse Sepultura of “insulting Christianity” and being “devil worshippers,” ultimately refusing to process their visas.

Concert promoters Skull Session had the following to say to The New Arab about the ban: “Basically, what we learned is that they are considered devil worshipers, that they have disrespected Christianity, and that they have performed in Israel, all of which are, of course, not true.” You can read an extensive statement from Skull Session here

While the 1993 music video for Sepultura’s track “Territory” featured footage taped in Israel, the band have never performed there.

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