SCOTT STAPP – Signs With Napalm Records

Scott Stapp of CREED/ART OF ANARCHY fame has signed a new deal with Napalm Records. Stapp recently stated that he is going on five years of sobriety following well publicized battles with substance abuse and mental illness. While future release plans were not revealed, you can expect to hear some new music from him this year with a teaser shared HERE.

Stapp was sued for $1.2 million in early 2018 by his Art Of Anarchy bandmates for breach of contract. In the suit, the band alleged that Stapp failed to fulfill his various professional and promotional obligations with the band. It is unclear as to how that lawsuit has played out.

Driven by unbridled passions and haunted by ghosts that defy definition, the great rockers keep getting better, stronger, more determined to get it right. Proof of Life is proof that Scott Stapp is among the great rockers. It’s also proof that this time he’s gotten it right.

“I made up my mind to face myself as a man and an artist. This record is my first no-holds-barred statement of exactly who I am” Stapp says. That statement is simultaneously simple and complex. The simple message is a straight-up confirmation of Stapp’s prowess as rock and roller of the first rank. He’s alive and kicking, singing with greater grit than ever before. The self-portrait emerging from this extraordinary suite of songs is multi-layered and nuanced, the compelling drama of a man unflinchingly reexamining his past as he fights for his spiritual sanity.

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