ROCKET – Issues April 2019 Update (VIDEO)

Randy “Rocket” Cody of took some time out of his hectic schedule lounging around his pool in April… on a Tuesday… to update everyone on the latest chaos he is creating in the world with his reporting.

The bad man of Heavy Metal discusses his upcoming reports that will be posting later this month, including a 3 part dissertation on THE LOCH NESS MONSTER and LED ZEPPELIN!!

Rocket comments:

“First off, I am not in this for a popularity contest, so the fact that I piss a lot of peeps off only tells me I am getting the results I have wanted all along, understand? LOL It’s not my fault that my hoax articles upset a bunch of peeps, okay? This is all entertainment, as far as I see it. I’m just having fun, so deal with it, and be prepared for the unexpected!”


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