MORTUARY – New Album Announced

The Korporation is proud to reveal that MORTUARY will unleash their sixth studio full-length, “The Autophagous Reign“, on November 8 via XENOKORP.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at world-famous HERTZ studio (BEHEMOTH, VADER, DECAPITATED…) and with artwork by reknown artist Lukasz JASZAK (EMPEROR, BLOOD RED THRONE, VOMITORY…), the album is a frantic, blazing and raging scream of despair and hate towards Humanity and its societal and ecological suicide, depicting mankind as feeding upon the whole of the living, including itself.

Featuring eleven relentless and intense Thrash / Death anthems, this new album, while focused, showcases the babd’s songwriting versatility, from face-ripping Thrashing tornados like opening iron storm “Delete / Replace” or “Cheptel” that don’t even clock in two minutes, to gigantic wrecking balls like songs “Monuments” or “Memorial in vivo” that go beyond seven minutes.

Celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary, the limited edition DigiPak CD first print will feature not less than three bonus tracks, all being brand new recordings of songs from MORTUARY‘s demo days. A “Mailorder Collector Edition”, exclusive to the band and label, will even add a bonus CD featuring eight exclusive preproduction versions of tracks from the album. Both versions, plus digital and new merch, will be available for preorder September 30.

A Thrash / Death feast to say the least!

Track List

Delete / Replace

The Sapiens Order

A Curse in Disguise

Dominate Modus Operandi



Onwards to the Terminus


Memorial in Vivo



Under the Cross*

Drowned into the Unreal*

Mummified for Eternity*

Total Running Time: 46:37 / 62:55*

* 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print bonus tracks

Track 12 is a re-recording from the “Rejected by Death…” 1989 demo.

Track 12 is a re-recording from the “In Harmony with Brutality” 1992 demo

Track 13 is a re-recording from the “The Mortified Faces” 1994 demo

“Mailorder Collector Edition” adds a download card for preproduction versions of tracks 1-11

“The Autophagous Reign Preproductions” Mailorder Collector Edition Bonus CD

The Sapiens Order [preproduction version]

Dominate Modus Operandi [preproduction version]

Disposable [preproduction version]

Eternal [preproduction version]

Onwards to the Terminus [preproduction version]

Recycled [preproduction version]

Cheptel [preproduction version]

Monuments [preproduction version]

Total Running Time: 34:14


Line Up

Patrick GERMONVILLE – Vocals

Alexis BAUDIN – Guitars

Bastien LEGRAS – Guitars

Jean-Noël VERBECQ – Bass

Johann VOIRIN – Drums


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