MISERY SIGNALS – Working On New Album

American-Canadian metalcore band, MISERY SIGNALS, have been planning a new record, with writing originally commencing several years ago. However, it looks as though the writing process is finally nearing completion.

According to bassist Kyle Johnson, the band spent the past week “writing, polishing, and tweaking” their new material and are “stoked to share this with the world” (see HERE).

It’s expected that they will enter the studio soon.

“Post-hardcore act Misery Signals blend math rock tropes like tricky time signature shifts and twiddly guitar parts with the strained aggression and sore throat vocals of screamo, creating a sound with more emotional heft than the former yet that is also less monochromatic than the latter. Misery Signals formed in Madison, WI, in 2003, featuring members of a number of regional hardcore and emo bands. ” – All Music

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