MetalTrump – “5 Minutes Alone” (PANTERA)

When your life seems to add up to nothing but mosh pits filled with fat, sweaty bodies bouncing off of each other, there is only one figure you can guarantee to deliver the most chaos center pit. That is MetalTrump.

He might be in denial that he was Jeffrey Epstein‘s best friend, and he might not have any clue where one million missing American kids are located currently, but one thing is for certain MetalTrump knows how to find slamming metal tunes.

Breaking off his hardest parody to date, PANTERA‘s classic “5 Minutes Alone”, there’s no way you will walk away UNSCARRED.

Sure, PIZZAGATE is a big joke to most people.

Little does society know that underneath our feet, the U.S. government has control of vast underground tunnels underneath Washington DC where abducted kids are being transported as sex slaves to their holding cages somewhere far below the city they live in, where Satan’s dark forces await to consume their blood and flesh. Pretty funny, huh?

Even if you aren’t laughing, you must admit that it’s pretty silly to think that anyone in a position of authority truly has your best interests at heart.

Does anyone remember the holocaust?

Turn your back on your own independence. This will leave you with only one path to take: 5 Minutes Alone… with MetalTrump.

It will be your ultimate destruction.

Trust him, your death is gonna be Yuge.

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