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TMD shares one of the last known studio recordings by late vocalist Ronnie James Dio. The legend may have passed away but his music lives on forever. The new DIO track “Electra”, like the artist, is an instant classic. The unreleased track was slated to appear on “Magica II and III”. The track was reportedly recorded before his stomach cancer had been diagnosed.

Dio produced the first Magica concept album, based on The Book of Magica. The album was originally intended to be the first part of a trilogy of concept albums, and shortly before starting his (final) tour with Heaven and Hell, Dio announced that he planned to start Magica 2 and 3 after the tour’s end. As we
all now know, Ronnie James Dio died shortly after of stomach cancer on May 16th, 2010.

Said Dio: “Magica is the saga of Blessing, a netherworld invaded by dark forces that vaporise people into pure, evil energy. The planet’s saviours are master, apprentice heroes Eriel and Challis, who must recite a spell from the sacred book of Magica to defeat their foe, Shadowcast. The album is written from the villain’s viewpoint.”

“I took on the evil perspective because I’ve always written from the anti-perspective. Most people don’t think in those terms so you are freer to create. I left the ending ambivalent because evil always exists, good doesn’t always triumph and that’s the universal balance.”

“Sure the players in the great halls of metaldom can take themselves too seriously while singing like a cat being strangled or someone gargling alphabet soup. Sure they can posture and prance while redefining epic into a comic strip. But it’s worth bearing in mind AC/DC’s pithy pearl: “Rock and roll ain’t noise pollution”.

Listen to the unreleased track below!

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6 comments to Listen To DIO’s: “Electra”

  • chuck  says:

    First of all RIP Ronnie. Second, thank you for the music. I am so bummed. I have enjoyed your stories for over 30 yerars. This concept would have produced so many more…. till we meet again.

  • william  says:

    First I would like to thank for your outstanding contributions to music and all that you did to help others. I truly wish your family my deepest sympathy and one reminder everyone that even though you may have left this world too soon your music will live on for generations to come. Thank you so much for being so true and a REAL MANS MAN, a true gentleman and always so nice to your fans. We have truly lost one the very best voices of all time. RIP my friend//// WILL PATTERSON{A.K.A} POKEY///

  • ayrfal & warmac  says:

    December 4. 1974. The night that changed my musical life. Third row in Market Square Arena, Indianapolis. I went excited to see Deep Purple, but left after being blown away by an unknown singer in an unknown band. I find out his name was Ronnie James Dio. I’m writing this at a moment in my life that I feel a great sense of loss. The music he made was unique, powerful, simple. His lyrics should be gathered togather and put into a book. No one has ever and no one will ever write more meaningful and beautiful lyrics. I was waiting for Magica II & III, as were millions of others and am sad that the tale is without an apparent ending, or the proper storyteller. They say that time heals all wounds, but this is a loss that may well transend my time…my lifetime. We never met Ronnie, but I’ve always listened to you with a sense of brotherly pride and excitement. Rest in Peace my friend….perhaps I will meet you next time…….

  • Trent Hahn  says:

    I am deeply saddened by the passing of Dio. I was fortunate to meet him and have a legthy conversation with him outside a club in Boise Id ( Bogies, 1994) I was not able to goto the show! How ever I went and waited for him after the show. He autographed my Last in Line CD. He was so laid back and down to earth no ego at all. Rest in Peace Brother!

  • Jason  says:

    Rest in Peace you will be greatly missed. Your voice gave so many people joy and your presence was undeniable. You will always be the truest showman and one of the greatest voices ever heard.

  • Jim  says:

    My 10 year old G-daughter used Magica to sleep to was very exicited for its release to use as nap music but the greatest voice in metal history has taken a long nap as we will have to wait until we meet his gretness again RIP

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