LED ZEPPELIN – Rare “Hey Hey What Can I Do” Outtake


TMD reveals a historic ‘instrumental’ outtake recording of “Hey Hey What Can I Do” by LED ZEPPELIN.
The actual studio recording with vocals was released in 1970 as the B-side of “Immigrant Song.”

It is Led Zeppelin’s only non-album track released during the band’s existence.

The classic song appeared on the Atlantic Records UK various artists LP, The New Age of Atlantic, released in 1972. The song was first issued on CD in October 1990 on the 4CD Led Zeppelin box set collection.

In 1992, “Immigrant Song”/”Hey Hey What Can I Do” was released as a “vinyl replica” CD single.

In 1993, “Hey Hey What Can I Do” was also included on The Complete Studio Recordings 10 CD boxed set, as one of four bonus tracks on the Coda disc. In 2007, Led Zeppelin released the track online along with the rest of their back catalogue.

The timeless tune was also released as the B-side of the “Stairway To Heaven” 7″ 45 RPM picture disc.

The legendary heavy metal band recently turned down an offer to appear at Download Festival 2010. Such a shame. As time goes by – and we all get older – you start to realize that the chance to actually see Zeppelin perform as a band (before they are just too old to reunite) is about as good as spotting Elvis alive.


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  • Steve  says:

    I will be boycotting Robert Plant’s US summer tour in response to the “slap in the face” he gave us all by refusing to give the fans that made him who he thinks he is what they deserve- a reunion with Zep while they (and we) still can.
    I will also be urging others to boycott the shmuck as well- Am waiting for Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason to do something without Plant.

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