KOHLFEST 2019 – Lineup Announced

The initial line-up for Kohlfest 2019 has been announced. It is set to take place in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday, August 17 at Reverb. Doors open at noon and tickets are $35 in advance ($40 at the door).

Bands slated to appear are as follows:

Every Time I Die
The Acacia Strain
Impending Doom
Kublai Khan
The Last Ten Seconds of Life
Full Blown Chaos
No Zodiac
Born A New
The Cambion

KOHLFEST is a Yearly metal festival that was started in 2006 by Mark Kohl Promotions to bring together the best local and regional talent that the metal scene has to offer. Over the years it has grown into an even bigger event that includes national headliners.

KOHLFEST 2006 – Here Between, Mistaken for Royalty, Dim the Lights, Emilia Massacre, Primal Embrace, How the Secrets Kill, The Collapse of Autumn, Whisper, Shot to Pieces, Counter Act, and A Shotgun Wedding

KOHLFEST 2007 – Texas In July, Here Between, Scars of Hatred, From Dissension, Fair Trade, Slapjaw, Primal Embrace, Nine Days They Fell, Left for Dead, Letter of Marque, Bloodline Empire, Redeemer Destroyer, Kiss the Stones, Warhawk, Nuse, Cease the White Horse, The Collapse of Autumn, On the Verge of Ruin, The Slow Dance, Bleeding Perfection, Betrayed By innocence, and Fight to the Finish

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