EXHUMED – Debut New Music Video

Gore metal act EXHUMED have unveiled a NSFW (nudity, blood) video for “Naked, Screaming, And Covered In Blood.” The track comes from the band’s forthcoming full-length, Horror, set for release via Relapse Records next month. You can check it out above.

Comments Exhumed frontman Matt Harvey, “We’re excited to share this video nasty with all you creeps and mutants! There’s a NSFW version that hews closely to the title, and then a tamer version that won’t upset the bloated corporate entities that have insidiously slithered their way into our music consuming activities. Director Dustin Ferguson really captured the vibe of the record – it’s schlock-and-shock bloody mayhem, and unlike our last video, even features the vidiots in the band! It’s really got it all: Blood! Boobs! Chainsaws! Did I mention boobs? And a special guest host VJ appearance to cap it off. Face it, true believers: you’ve hit the gore metal jackpot!”

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