DEVOURMENT – Streaming New Album

DEVOURMENT have launched a full stream of their new album, Obscene Majesty, which is scheduled for an August 16 release through Relapse Records. In advance of its release, you can listen to the album in its entirety via the player above.

Formed in 1995 by Brad Fincher (drums) Brian Wynn (guitar) and Wayne Knupp (vocals) in Dallas, TX. Devourment has remained consistent and powerful throughout several reformations, leading many to celebrate them as the heaviest death metal band in the world due to their influential blend of vicious slam elements with an old school death metal sound. The band’s current lineup includes Ruben Rosas (vocals), Captain Chris Andrews (guitar), Dave Spencer (bass), and Brad Fincher (drums).

Devourment’s three full-length recordings are Molesting the Decapitated, released in 1999 on United Guttural; Butcher the Weak, self-released in 2005 and then rerecorded and reissued by Brutal Bands in 2006; and Unleash the Carnivore, released in 2009 on Brutal Bands. A compilation album titled 1.3.8. was released through Corpse Gristle in 2000, and reissued by Displeased and Unmatched Brutality in 2004. On the power of these releases, and the band’s explosive live shows, Devourment soon became one of the most infamous acts in the death metal underground throughout the last decade.

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