DEVOURMENT – Debut New Song

Texas death metal veterans DEVOURMENT have unleashed a new track from their imminent new full-length, Obscene Majesty, set for release next month through Relapse Records. The song “Narcissistic Paraphilia” can be checked out above.

Devourment comments: “This song focuses on the internal monologue of the archetypal serial killer’s psychology. One that is typified by pathological narcissism and auditory hallucinations. The kind that can compel a seemingly mild-mannered person to pursue a life filled with debased violence, mayhem, fear, and death.”

Formed in 1995 by Brad Fincher (drums) Brian Wynn (guitar) and Wayne Knupp (vocals) in Dallas, TX. Devourment has remained consistent and powerful throughout several reformations, leading many to celebrate them as the heaviest death metal band in the world due to their influential blend of vicious slam elements with an old school death metal sound. The band’s current lineup includes Ruben Rosas (vocals), Captain Chris Andrews (guitar), Dave Spencer (bass), and Brad Fincher (drums).

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