DEMON HUNTER – Premiere New Music Video

DEMON HUNTER have issued a new music video for “More Than Bones,” a track from their album, Peace, available now through Solid State Records. The clip was directed by Andy Maier and can be viewed above.

Demon Hunter is an American metal institution. The band embraces brazenly transcendent melodies, without apology, while maintaining a defiant heaviness reminiscent of the most timeless of metal music. For nearly two decades, Demon Hunter has weathered the changing tides of rock subculture, proving ever resistant to trends, and ever resilient, making music as determined and resolute as the men within the band.

In 2019 the band unveils not one but two brand new full-length albums on the same day. War is filled with aggression and Peace doubles down on melody; both are dynamic and diverse standalone offerings. They are linked most prominently by release date and a plainspoken theme:

“War in every breath / Peace in only death.”

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