Chris Cornell, The Nazi Black Sun & PizzaGate

Earlier this month on Wednesday, April 10th, we got our first look at a black hole, thanks to an international project of scientists known as the Event Horizon Telescope.

As we approach the two year anniversary for the death of late SOUNDGARDEN singer/guitarist, Chris Cornell, I wanted to more closely examine the connections between the messages found in the music from Mr. Cornell’s rock band, and the legendary German occult ‘Vril’ philosophy that is represented in whole by the mystical symbol called:

‘The Nazi Black Sun’.

First, let me begin by stating for the record that it’s my determination that Chris Cornell was murdered on May 17th, 2017, after performing with SOUNDGARDEN in Detroit Rock City for a sold out crowd of roughly 5,000 people.

My work was called a hoax by the mainstream news media and after his good friend Chester Bennington of LINKIN PARK was found dead my Cornell ‘death theory’ was turned into a big viral joke sensation.

Well, guess what?

I’m not laughing.

I have provided audio evidence that the EMT who performed CPR on Chris Cornell confirmed that the rock star’s body was already “cold to the touch” when they removed a red exercise band that was found around his neck, and that the corpse showed “Signs of strangulation.”

I feel that the scene was methodically staged before they arrived and Mr. Cornell’s suicide was totally fabricated, to cover up the fact that he was attacked inside his hotel room after the concert on May 17th at Fox theatre in Detroit, and that is why he sustained 9 rib fractures.

During my exhaustive nearly 2 year long forensic analysis of the crime scene via over 300 long format death investigation reports posted at my site, I assessed that manual homicidal strangulation can be missed by inexperienced medical examiners, mainly by the ones who have a major back log of cases to process, therefore while rushing too fast, end up making totally bonehead mistakes.

I provided additional expert testimony from a UCLA pathologist who said that there was way too much blood found on the scene of Mr. Cornell’s death for it to be a suicide.

Also, the EMT during his DOA pronouncement notices “Trauma to the back of the head”, which also suggests that Chris was seriously injured by someone before he died in his hotel room on May 18th, 2017, and the person who killed him used blunt force to end his life. His own wife corroborates my assertion late last year when confirming via a Detroit News interview that the band did notice a “head wound” on Chris before he went on stage for his final concert.

There is no plausible way to explain how Mr. Cornell could receive such extensive ‘physical trauma to the chest’ from a basic CPR procedure, and considering it generally takes 2 hours for a dead body to fully cool down “to the touch all over” introduces to the forensic record the fact that no extensive amount of CPR was performed on Mr. Cornell at all on May 18th, 2017, due to the forensic proof I have documented which tells us Mr. Cornell was already long gone by the time the emergency workers arrived on the scene. The bodyguard, Martin Kirsten, needs to be called in for additional questioning, and his prints lifted from the crime scene via ‘hand swabs’ should be processed through the lab. They were not taken to the lab to see if there was potentially any of Mr. Cornell’s DNA, such as bits of flesh left under Mr. Kirsten’s fingernails during an intense fight, and I feel the police cleared this man of any wrongdoing prematurely.

I even verified via phone call with the American Heart Association in Dallas, Texas, that Harvey Levin told a lie on National TV via TMZ Live program when he stated the statistic for the average number of ribs suffered by a CPR patient was 9 rib breaks. It simply was not the truth.

The shrapnel started to fly once Levin’s lie was exposed…

Bottom line, AHA could not verify the statistic “That Mr. Levin Quoted Everyone” (their words not mine) as even being in their own company ‘manual’.

The truth hurts don’t it, Harvey?

The actual number of rib breaks on average for someone to sustain who is only in their early 50s like Chris Cornell was… is only 3 rib breaks.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that foul play was involved, and the mainstream news media, including the Detroit News, the Detroit PD and Mr. Cornell’s wife plus band members are involved in a sensational cover up that continues to keep the truth from getting out just like all matter in the cosmos nearby a black hole gets sucked from reality and devoured into its deadly dark void.

Just like a wolf hunts, traps and eats its prey.

Why the cover up?

I believe that an Illuminati backed international child trafficking ring snuffed out the rock idol’s life for getting too close to revealing the truth about PizzaGate to the public. Some will laugh, but the reality is that this modern day elite pedophile scandal reaches as far back as the tragic death of late actor River Phoenix in 1993… and even further I learned.

River Phoenix was tied to an underground Satanic cult that trafficked and killed kids for snuff films, just like the ones Paul Bonacci testified about during the eighties ‘PedoGate’ scandal. The kicker is that River was going to spill the beans but first got dosed with a deadly drug cocktail and died tragically outside a Hollywood nightclub owned by Johnny Depp, who just so happened to be very close friends with late journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, the man named by Mr. Bonacci as the director of the snuff films.

The person who sadly watched River Phoenix fall to the ground, violently convulse and die on that fateful Halloween was his younger brother, Joaquin.

“My mother always told me to put a smile on my face.”

It’s been widely reported that Chris and his late pal, Chester Bennington, the long tortured musical genius of LINKIN PARK band, were involved in a documentary film together called “The Silent Children,” right before they both died. They were working together with the goal to try and bring an end once and for all to the violence against children.

According to the FBI, in 2018 there were 424,066 NCIC entries for missing children. In 2017, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 464,324.

Of those well over 800,000 documented “missing persons” cases, it’s estimated that 20% of these children who don’t get located after running away from foster care or fleeing abusive biological parents, while in CPS care… are never seen alive again.

That means since 2017 alone, 200,000 kids in the USA have been murdered.

Yet, there are no bodies to bury. Where did they go?

Another dimension? To a secret underground city? Did they become food?

There’s been no major coverage about the elite pedophile ring in the mainstream news, TV or internet.

There’s been no mention of all these kids missing across the USA.

Everyone who thinks this is all one big joke are about to learn the harsh reality of life and whether you can handle it or not, it’s going to stalk you and haunt you until the truth becomes accepted.

My theory centers around “two black books” that connect both Cornell and Bennington to a 1947 murder of a young aspiring actress who was found cut in half one morning in Los Angeles. THE BLACK DAHLIA is perhaps the most famous unsolved murder case in American history, and I learned that this young woman was working as a lure for a pedophile artist named Man Ray, who lived nearby her and was good friends with a crooked cop named John “Jigsaw” St. John. Mr. Ray was able to avoid any questioning in the murder case, despite his good pal, George Hodel, being called in by police to talk to them. What I have uncovered is so sinister that many of my readers will find themselves surrendering to the facts which fully substantiates my groundbreaking work in all of these cases.

One of the “black books” belonged to convicted billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and you can view it online HERE. Among the names included within his inner circle are actor Kevin Spacey and President Donald Trump.

The other “black book” belonged to Elizabeth Short, AKA “The Black Dahlia” and is currently in LAPD’s possession but they won’t release its contents to the public. What are they hiding?

Just like the Illuminati sanctioned hit in 1963 of sitting U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who was only trying to bring an end to the criminal misconduct of the evil cabal, and greedy ways of the Big Bankers (most who are scumbag pedophile killers who belong to one of the hundreds of elite secret societies), it is my assertion that both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were assassinated to shut them up for good.

My investigation into both rockers deaths took me down a very deep rabbit hole that connects to a sub group of the Freemasons called the “Royal Order of Jesters”, and many top name celebs belong in their membership. Rumored names include Jack Black, Joel Osteen and Johnny Depp. The group got busted for trafficking children but to date none of them have been handed down a serious prison sentence.

All of my investigating into the whereabouts of these hundreds of thousands of missing American kids keeps leading me back to the Vril.

In my previous reporting, I examined the Nazi’s Vril Society, which was established between a German medium named Maria Orsic and Hitler’s top military man, Himmler.

The aim of the Third Reich, I learned, is to ultimately bring together the Holy grail and the Spear of Destiny to Wewelsburg Castle once the One World Government has been installed by way of the evil Illuminati. This is important to understand as I breakdown my theory on exactly why Chris and Chester are homicide victims, not two rock stars, each with a ‘so called’ loving wife and kids, who just suddenly decided to take their own lives, okay?

I learned a very powerful drug is harvested from the abducted kids called “adrenochrome”, and it’s believed by many researchers that actor Johnny Depp is addicted to using the drug.

The Black Sun of the Nazi movement and the Black Hole Sun that Chris Cornell sang about in his music are what I feel have always been interconnected by way of a preordained destiny.

According to Daily Mail site:

“Himmler – who was obsessed with the occult – used concentration camp labor to build a giant swastika in the basement where SS heroes were to be cremated. Elsewhere he constructed a chamber with an eternal flame overlooked by 12 pillars for SS ‘knights’ as his version of King Arthur’s round table.”

In the above photograph, the Nazi Black Sun made into a crop circle by a purported UFO is strong evidence that the partnership between the Nazi’s and demonic alien entities is indeed real.

On this past April Fools, I provided video evidence recently that depicts Chester Bennington 36 hours before he was found dead (on Mr. Cornell’s birthday) and a mysterious “Man In Black” sitting next to the late rock hero suddenly begins to suffer a shapeshifting malfunction on camera.

This Is No Laughing Matter, People!

What you see in the UFO crop circle photo is definitely an exact SS-type, National Socialist, esoteric swastika wheel, as in the floor symbol at Wewelsburg castle, the spiritual home of the SS.

Heinrich Himmler had been in contact with all esoteric knowledge, and he used it for ‘dark and nefarious’ purposes as much as he possibly could.

He was particularly interested in Rune-magic.

“It was Himmler who created the infamous SS and like the Swastika, he used another magic symbol, the two sig-runes, which looked like two flashes.Within the SS all the esoteric knowledge in the Third Reich finally was gathered. SS was ruled by a Black Magic, secret Order. Their rituals were borrowed from other similar orders, like the Jesuit Order and the Templar Order. The highest ranking “priests” of this order were the 13 members of the “Knight’s Great Council”, which was ruled by Grandmaster Heinrich Himmler.”

Heinrich Himmler

The Black Rituals were practiced in the old castle Wewelsberg in Westfalen.

It’s said that obeyed Lucifer, Satan or Set, the consciousness which then inspired the Nazis, and today the Illuminati.

“Himmler had lots of strange beliefs and one of his main inspirations came from the 10th Century king named Heinrich I, the German king of the Saxons. King Heinrich had fought and conquered the Slavic tribes in the east. Himmler believed with all his heart in all the racial theories and manifestations of Nazism. He also arranged big parades in the streets with soldiers dressed like old knights, as a symbol for ancient power. His undying passion for control over others was enormous and his favorite word was “Gnadelos” (merciless). Himmler was so fanatically struck by the old king Heinrich, that he even thought he was a reincarnation of this person and received psychic messages from him, which seems quite strange if they were the same person. However, Himmler believed his mission was to complete king Heinrich’s work and let the SS rule the new Aryan empire. He made lots of pilgrimages to king Heinrich’s tomb.”

After a crashed spacecraft was discovered in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), near Freiburg in 1936, the ‘Geheimnisvolles Korps’ – (Occult Corps) moved forward to build the Institute for Science and Mysticism (Das Institut für Wissenschaft und Mystizismus), also called “Walhalla” which was designated an ‘X Lab, to analyze the crash.

During my research, I learned that the Institute’s “X-Labs” gathered such a great quantity of science and technology, well beyond humanity’s current knowledge, that X-Labs were constructed in several other locations throughout Germany, including Castle Höllenhammer, Castle Naudabaum, Castle Nuremburg and Castle Wolfenstein.

Ironically, Elizabeth Short’s murder was first labeled “The Werewolf Murder” by LAPD before it would soon get the moniker “The Black Dahlia Murder” from the news media which would be the one that ultimately stuck and everyone remembers to this day.

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