No Clean Singing premiered the track “The Night Of Harvest” by multi-national black metal trio BURNT OFFERING (ВСЕСОЖЖЕНИЕ). You can listen to the track and read what No Clean Singing had to say AT THIS LINK.


…“Harvest Night” would spawn unsettling visions of ancient evil stalking huddled encampments of fearful humans struggling to survive in an old world that cared little for them. It’s a dynamic and multi-faceted musical narrative, but never less than chilling.

The Аlliance of Casus Belli Musica and Beverina presents the debut full-length album “Harvest” (“Жатва”) of the international project BURNT OFFERING (ВСЕСОЖЖЕНИЕ). The album will be released digitally, as well as on vinyl and CD’s, on August 20, 2020.

 was founded in Leipzig by Nameless Enemy, Blind Idiot God and Asbath (Darkestrah) in order to play raw archaic Black Metal inspired by the Scandinavian scene of the early ‘90s, and the early Ukrainian scene (especially ASTROFAES). The debut full-length album “Harvest” was recorded in 2020, and is a tribute to the memory of those times when Black Metal was a source of terror and sorcery, when this music was the key and guide to the Other Side, instead of being a kind of background noise. The world of this album represents poisoned wells and abandoned villages, covert zealousness and ancient Evil lurking and waiting in the wings among the slumbering burial mounds from the very beginning of the primordial world, and till the time of the end, when the Wheel stops its turning.

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