AMEN – Casey Chaos Arrested For Female Abuse

Casey Chaos, frontman of nu metal/hardcore punk outfit AMEN, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman at his Los Angeles, California residence.

According to TMZ, the incident took place early Tuesday morning at the singer’s San Fernando Valley home, where an argument with an unidentified woman turned violent, leaving her with “a bloody face.” She apparently refused medical treatment at the scene.

Casey Chaos, real name Karim Chmielinski, was subsequently arrested and booked for felony domestic violence, ultimately securing release on a $50,000 bond. TMZ sources indicate that Chaos and the woman were not in a romantic relationship.

Elon Berk, the singer’s attorney, told TMZ the following: “It’s clear that these accusations against Casey are absolutely false. The house where the alleged incident occurred was full of witnesses who have all given statements to police and are willing to testify in court as to the falsity of these accusations.”

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