AD PATRES – Debut New Music Video

Death Metal heavy weights AD PATRES have just unleashed a (NSFW) music video for the song “Mechanical Enlightenment“, opening track of brand new album, “A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments” released on February 8th through XENOKORP.

After the lyrics video for the song “Spellbound and the recent live music video for “Led by Flesh, AD PATRES are releasing their third instrument of visual mind-dissection with “Mechanical Enlightenment”, which can be found on either YouTube here or Facebook here for sharing / embedding.

Promo material for the successful and critically-acclaimed new album, “A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments” is now being shared to the U.S. masses in case you still didn’t check them out (and if you didn’t, you’re missing on a contender for your “best of 2019” end-of-year lists for sure!).

Your Alien Nemesises at the Xeno-Korporation.

Next through XENOKORP:

  • MITHRIDATIC new album
  • MORTUARY new album
  • MERCYLESS new album

…and way more TBA!

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