ABBATH – New Album Details Revealed

Former Immortal frontman ABBATH has announced that his eponymous band will be releasing their second full length album, “Outstrider” through Season Of Mist on July 5th of this year. The band has also posted a trailer for the record, which can be seen above. In addition to this, Abbath will headlined the Beyond The Gates festival in Norway, which will also feature performances from Mayhem and Emperor among others.


1. Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane)
2. Bridge Of Spasms
3. The Artifex
4. Harvest Pyre
5. Land Of Khem
6. Outstrider
7. Scythewinder
8. Hecate
9. Pace Till Death (Bathory cover)

Band Members

Abbath – Vocals & guitars
Ole Andre Farstad – guitars
Ukri Suviletho – Drums
Mia Wallace – Bass

At various times throughout Immortal’s existence, Abbath was lead vocalist, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, and lyricist, mainly due to the inconsistent line-ups they were able to put together. For a long period of time, however, Abbath served the band as vocalist, bassist and (studio) drummer while Demonaz played lead guitar. It was not until Horgh arrived that Immortal was able to secure a steady line-up, but problems continued. After the release of Blizzard Beasts in 1997, Demonaz was diagnosed with acute tendinitis, and was consequently forced to quit as guitarist, but remained as lyricist and band manager. They released At the Heart of Winter in 1999, this time with Abbath handling guitar and bass, with Horgh still on drums. This album marks a large shift in sound and style for the music of Immortal. In 2000 they released Damned in Black, with Iscariah on bass. Sons of Northern Darkness was released in 2002, with the same lineup.

Soon after the release of Sons of Northern Darkness, Immortal ceased to exist. The break-up was not caused by tensions or problems, but was rather a mutual one between all members, who claimed to do this for personal reasons.

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