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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Vince Neil Working On New Solo Album, “Never Listened” To John Corabi’s Crue Record!

Troubled MÖTLEY CRÜE vocalist Vince Neil did a YouTube livestream Q&A session tonight and answered many fans questions who were in attendance. The first question he was asked by the moderator is if he ever listened to the John Corabi fronted Crue album, to which Neil answered, “I have never listened to it.”

As a rumor continues to worry fans that Neil might be replaced as the Crue’s frontman soon, there was a feeling of being on edge just watching a nervous looking Neil field the questions.

Neil was dodgy when asked about the time he was fired by Nikki Sixx, and acts defensively, stating “I was busy. My solo band was opening for Van Halen.”

With the shocking revelation just dropping that Mick Mars left the Crue due to the fact that Vince Neil’s lip syncing was forcing the band to fake play for the fans each night, the moderator delved in deeper to find out about the strain Neil has with his former guitarist.

When asked about his relationship with Mick Mars, Neil said “I don’t talk to him.”

The rotund vocalist of the Crue announced that he is working on his own new solo album expected to drop next year. Fans will recall the singer drunkenly fell off the stage and broke his ribs during a solo gig in 2021.