July 13, 2024

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RUMOR: Ex-MOTLEY CRUE Singer John Corabi To Replace Vince Neil On Upcoming Tour Dates

As the lip-Sync scandal in the rock n roll music world continues to unfold, with the biggest names such as Paul Stanley of KISS and Vince Neil of the Crue having been exposed as fake singers recently, TMD has been tipped off that the Crue’s Nikki Sixx is finally looking to complete his ‘double move’ to shake up the band’s lineup, after having purportedly fired founding guitarist Mick Mars, 71, at the end of the legendary glam metal band’s North American tour last year. Sixx was forced to cover up the true story, so as not to jeopardize ticket sales, taking nearly two weeks to finally admit the truth after TMD exposed the elderly Mars was indeed no longer in the band.

It was ex-Crue singer John Corabi who went on the record during an interview stating the Mick Mars was indeed “shown the door” and now Corabi has made it clear that he is standing his ground as someone who does not participate in “fake singing” for fans who paid for tickets to watch him perform in concert.

Corabi himself said that Sixx had not even been using Mars on guitar in the studio since 1989’s “Dr. Feelgood” album and that he was the one who played guitars on the next several Crue releases, along with DJ Ashba being used on 2008’s “Saints of Los Angeles”.

“Personally, I don’t use them (backing tracks)” said Corabi in a brand-new interview appearance.

Fans have called for Vince Neil to be replaced, after the singer’s lackluster live performances continue to nosedive after the group bombed at Boston’s Fenway Park in 2022, and this is the reason the band’s management and Crue’s leader Sixx made the decision to have Neil lip-sync to the original studio recorded vocals through the PA at their World Tour concerts here in 2023.

Word is that drummer Tommy Lee, attempted to sabotage the Stadium Tour’s initial concerts after having been physically assaulted by Vince Neil during their final rehearsal before their big comeback kicked off, for calling the rotund singer “Vince Meal” over and over again.

Lee is said to have mocked Neil with his own fake drumming, as a way to send a message to the singer that his days as the Crue’s singer are numbered.

Vince Neil Tackled Tommy Lee (Breaking His Ribs) After Lee Body Shamed Him


Lee has gone on the record to say that he always loved John Corabi as a singer more than Neil, stating the Crue’s self-titled record that Corabi sang on in the nineties after Neil was fired the first time was his all-time favorite Crue album.

As the story goes, Lee faked his broken rib injury so that he did not have to perform an entire concert with the troubled Neil, sickened to death by his violent outbursts and lack of talent today.

The floundering Crue is set to play again in the United States on March 12, 2023 at Hard Rock Live (in Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood) located at 1 Seminole Way, David Zell Trailer Park in Florida.

It was initially rumored that ex-CREED singer Scott Stapp was going to be the man to take Neil’s spot in the Crue, however that plan fell through after it was revealed that there are plans for CREED to reunite with him.

Corabi had attempted to squash the rumor of a planned second firing of Neil last year when reports surfaced that he was back in the band, but word coming out of Crue’s camp is that Sixx is totally desperate now and willing to let go of his past beef with Corabi, because Neil’s downward spiral into deep depression and alcoholism continues, as was first revealed by ex-Crue limo driver Al Bowman.

Bowman says that the “demon alcohol” is Neil’s worst enemy right now, and the troubled singer is indeed drinking himself to death.