MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Nikki Sixx Covered Up That He Fired Mick Mars (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Nikki Sixx Covered Up That He Fired Mick Mars (UPDATED)

(February 20, 2023) Believe it or not, legendary MÖTLEY CRÜE guitarist Mick Mars was fired by the band’s leader Nikki Sixx as part of a long-held plan to shake things up in the Crue’s lineup.

Despite the mainstream rock media’s FAKE NEWS reporting that Mars took himself out of the lineup due to his chronic back disease, TMD has now been tipped off about the real reason behind his ousting.

“Having started many feuds with Mötley Crüe in the past, John Corabi was very careful while choosing his words during a recent interview the ex-Crue vocalist was part of, wherein the singer said in the conversation that “MÖTLEY CRÜE fired Mars.” – via Rockcelebrities.net

Many have speculated as to the exact reason for his sudden departure, during the glam metal act’s long-anticipated comeback titled The Stadium Tour. Mars was fired after the 36th North American concert came to an end. The band has now announced continuing World Tour dates without Mars.

36 = three 6’s, which is 666, the mark of the Beast.

Now word coming out is that the long-planned Mick Mars solo album is the main culprit as to why the legendary original Crue member was kicked to the curb by a band that he helped take to the top of the rock n roll mountain.

It turns out Nikki Sixx was angry at Mars for his blatant dismissal of the bassist’s demand for the elder statesman’s attempt to draw attention away from the Crue and capitalize on the fame he achieved by being in the Crue.

John Corabi sounded the alarm during his most recent interview, wherein he unleashed his claim that Sixx was not telling the truth to Crue’s loyal worldwide fanbase, after the guitarist was replaced last November by younger axe man John 5.

Corabi was cut and dry with his assessment as a Crue insider, protesting “He (Mick) was… shown the door,” Corabi during an interview he did late last year with Life in the Stocks podcast.

Mars, who has not once been seen in public since his ousting from the band, has been forcefully kept away from the fans so that he will not be able to tell his true side of the story, and this is why band management made a blanket announcement as part of the cover up via Variety.

According to the source, Mars and Sixx have been at odds with one another for a long time, concerning the release of a new organic ‘original’ Crue studio album that was not made artificial in any way by using ghost performers, as had initially thought to have been denied from the fans since even before 2008’s “Saint of Los Angeles”. However, it has now since been revealed that the original lineup of the Crue has not actually released a new full-length record together since 1989’s “Dr. Feelgood” (released on August 28, 1989).

Yes, you read that correctly: 33 1/2 years ago!

33 is also another extremely important occultic number, for one, it being the highest level a freemason can reach in the #1 most powerful secret society within the Illuminati.

Fans will recall ex-Crue limo driver Al Bowman spilling the beans in a recent interview as he stated that Sixx, Neil and Lee were taking part in sadistic, drug fueled satanic orgies and murder rituals alongside late Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey back in their heyday.

It is also being said by John Corabi that Mick was not allowed to play on any recent Crue releases, due to other guitarists such as “Corbai himself” and DJ Ashba, plus another unnamed guitarist being instructed to step in, on the previous Crue release “New Tattoo”. Corabi’s earth shattering testimony points to the startling fact that Mars has not actually played on a Crue album since the end of the eighties.

“Wow, just WOW!” said Tori of Max 102 WMQX FM Radio Station via the radio site’s Facebook page.

Rocket of TMD was the first to widely break the news of the Mars ousting via his podcast!

Corabi launched a well-publicized $4,000,000 suit against Sixx and Crue, claiming he wrote and helped perform 80% of the material used on 1997’s “Generation Swine” album.

It was TMD’s epic “double down” report that widely broke in the metal industry in November of 2022, that forced Sixx to admit nearly 2 weeks later that indeed Mars was no longer in the band.

Sixx directed John 5 to say it was “only a rumor” when questioned by fans online, in an attempt to stop the bleeding from TMD’s report which further shattered Crue’s chances at selling out arenas in the USA again. This is why the Crue only booked smaller sized concerts here in the U.S. leading up to the kickoff of their World Tour. Only 7,000 seat capacity audiences were planned in lieu of the advanced knowledge Sixx held.

Sixx knew that the blowback he was going to get would bring ticket sales in America to a near halt!

Corabi himself helped Mars in the studio for his upcoming debut solo album, though it is not known whether two “teaser” tracks that leaked out will end up on the controversial album from the legendary original Crue guitar player.

*UPDATE (8/10/2023) – Mick Mars has filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates claiming that Nikki Sixx did not play one note live during The Stadium Tour in 2022, and was using backing tracks. Mars stated in his lawsuit that Tommy Lee and Vince Neil were also using backing tapes, and that he was the only authentic live performer in the group. Mars says the band “ripped him off” after he carried them for years. More details coming soon as this story develops.