June 13, 2024

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Tommy Lee Once Knocked Out A MÖTLEY CRÜE Fan And Did Not Get Arrested For Assault

The Crue’s drummer Tommy Lee is without a doubt the most notorious member of glam metal legends MÖTLEY CRÜE and like the band’s troubled singer Vince Neil, has seen his fair share of run ins with the law over the past four decades.

Neil himself in 1984 actually killed Razzle of HANOI ROCKS band and seriously injured two other people in a drunk driving accident that only saw the singer serve 15 days for as part of his sentencing by the court.

Full In Bloom channel on YouTube has now posted a new video that recounts a brutal assault of a Crue fan where he got off free without any punishment whatsoever, believe it or not.

During the same exact year as Neil’s vehicular homicide while driving impaired case happened, Lee and the band were at an awards ceremony hosted by Ozzy Osbourne and a fan reportedly approached Lee to ask him if he had seen his girlfriend at the time in a XXX photo spread published.

For no other reason than the man asking the drummer the question, Lee hauled off at knocked the Crue fan out cold with one punch. The Crue’s manager intervened and apparently Lee escaped any criminal trial for what would have been deemed assault and battery punishable by at least 3 years in state prison.

Last year, TMD reported that Lee and Neil themselves got into a knock down argument during the band’s final rehearsal which led to Neil tackling Lee behind his drum kit for calling the portly vocalist “Vince Meal.”

Nikki Sixx says the band’s constant in fighting has always surrounded Lee and Neil, and at one charity even two decades back Neil actually sucker punched Lee when he saw him.

MÖTLEY CRÜE are set to perform a couple U.S. gigs later this month at only 7,000 capacity venues, before heading out for their already announced Word Tour dates.

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Word coming out of Crue’s camp is that Sixx is looking to fire Neil again and replace him, just as TMD reported late last year about founding guitarist Mick Mars being ousted from the lineup for being angry that Lee was sabotaging the Stadium Tour concerts after the “Vince Meal” brawl by having his own replacement drummer Tommy Clufetos used for the majority of the initial run of tour dates. Lee was then caught by worldwide acclaimed rock journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody of TMD fake drumming during one of the gigs while using a backing track.

As more details are revealed about the Crue’s ongoing band conflict, TMD will bring you the latest updates.

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