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Industry Source: Vince Neil Attempted To Bite Tommy Lee’s Penis Off During “Vince Meal” Brawl

In what turned out to be one of the biggest rock news stories in 2022, troubled MÖTLEY CRÜE singer Vince Neil purportedly tried to take his frustrations out on Tommy Lee‘s genitals, believe it or not.

TMD broke the story first (Not a big shock, we always break the biggest stories first) when it was exposed that Neil and Lee got into a knock down drag out fight for the ages during the final rehearsal for The Stadium Tour last year.

Fans will recall that Tommy Lee was forced to sit out the majority of the first handful of comeback gigs due to what he claimed was “broken ribs.” Tommy Clufetos replaced Lee for those live performances.

An industry source has now tipped TMD off to the real reason Lee was sitting out these concerts, and it was not broken ribs that the drummer suffered. Word is that the rotund vocalist for the Crue tackled Lee and after pounding him hard in the face with his ham hock fists, got Lee into a fetal position behind his busted-up drum kit and buried his chompers into Lee’s crotch region like he was going after a ribeye steak at an upscale Las Vegas buffet.

Lee was so pissed off at the rabid dog actions he faced for merely joking with Neil by calling him “Vince Meal” a few times during the band practice that he wanted to get revenge on Neil in a very special way. This is the exact reason Lee posted a selfie of his penis online afterward, as his way of saying “Fuck you” to Neil for trying to get at his bits.

As the epic fight continued on, another member of the band, though it is not said who it was, pointed out that Vince was “going for Tommy’s cock and balls!”

It turns out that a roadie standing close by was able to grab Neil off Lee in the nick of time and the singer was only able to bite the inside part of Lee’s right leg, which apparently drew blood.

Apparently, the constant in fighting between Lee and Neil has forced bassist Nikki Sixx to consider firing Neil again and replacing him with someone who can actually sing. A rumor came out last November that suggested Sixx was dead set on bringing aboard ex-CREED vocalist Scott Stapp, after shit canning longtime guitarist and elderly man Mick Mars. Now it has come to light that Stapp actually rejected the offer based on the fact that Lee himself got caught “fake drumming” during the concerts while using a backing track. Yes, folks, even Scott Stapp has his standards.