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Vince Neil Shows Off His “Exotic Cars” That He Likes To Drive Really Fast

Vince Meal shows off his exotic car collection, minus the Pantera used to kill Razzle of HANOI ROCKS.

Sammy Hagar heads to Nashville to hang out with Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe at his home! Watch as Vince shows Sammy his amazing house, cars, and horses on Rock & Roll Road Trip.

One fan comment will be sure to strike a nerve:

“Nice rides. Slow down on the booze intake though. We don’t need Vince Meal killing anyone else driving drunk.”

On a US tour in late 84, Hanoi Rocks seemed poised for greatness. But then Vince Neil drove onto the scene.

Pictured: The late drummer Razzle of Hanoi Rocks, killed by Neil

Ex-Crue limo driver Al Bowman went on the record recently to claim that Neil is drinking himself to death in recent years, believe it or not. It was actually Bowman who offered Neil a ride back home the day they bumped into the Crue singer in Redondo Beach on the day of the tragic drunk driving accident, which took place on the first day of the National Don’t Drink And Drive program.

Bowman offered Neil a ride home, but the singer declined after stepping out of a liquor store on a binger.

Neil would go on to serve a measly 2-week sentence for his crimes.

Learn more about the shocking history of the Crue, courtesy of a report by TMD’s creator

Randy “Rocket” Cody.

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