July 20, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Mick Mars Accused of Using Guitar Backing Track During The Stadium Tour

(Dec 19, 2022) MÖTLEY CRÜE claims to be ready to work hard during their next World Tour dates in 2023, but exactly what they are working hard on is not exactly understood, now that shocking revelations have emerged that the entire band was using backing tracks and not actually playing their instruments live.

TMD was the first to catch drummer Tommy Lee fake drumming during a gig that shocked fans to their core when Lee was caught red handed using a backing track during one of the Stadium Tour shows.

Fans forked out hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of dollars for a seat to the twice postponed comeback tour of the glam metal band, which included Lee sitting out most the first dozen shows due to a purported rib injury, that some now believe was not the truth and was just a cover story that was used to hide major in fighting going on between Lee and Vince Neil, and it seems the controversy doesn’t end there.

Fans on YouTube have voiced their opinions on the ‘backing tracks’ matter, and they have now begun to point their anger at the 71 year-old with a rare spine disease, who has now since stepped down from the band and is being replaced by John 5.

“It looked like Mick Mars was playing behind a guitar backing track from what I’ve seen of the new live shows.” – Bryon Kidder

“Nobody knows what this band actually sounds like. The backing tracks are everywhere” – Michael Wright

Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi has said he’s often confronted by fans on the issue. “…was it worth the money you paid? Did you get your money’s worth?’ If they say, ‘Yes,’ then whatever. If they say, ‘No,’ I’ve got nothing for them. Whatever.”

The new revelation is particularly shocking because it was Mars himself who said he did not support fake playing at concerts fans paid their hard-working money for: “I have to say ’60s bands were my favorite — ’60s and ’70s bands — because they were real, like, three-piece bands or four-piece bands, and they just got up there and kicked it up,” Mars lamented in 2014. “Made a mistake? So what? Sounded a little bit empty here or there? So what?”

It is also John Corabi who has gone on the record during a recent interview to claim that Mick Mars has not actually played on a Crue album since the end of the nineties.

***UPDATE*** Mick Mars has filed a lawsuit against the Crue for “ripping him off” with respect to his earning from the Stadium Tour in 2022. Mars played all 36 tour dates in North America but Nikki Sixx docked his pay from 25% share to only 5% due to Mars walking away from the band and also not being able to play the Crue’s songs live correctly, according to Sixx. Mars disagrees with all of the Crue’s complaints against him and said he “carried these bastards” all of the band’s storied career. Mars is saying the band was “gaslighting” him and ousted him, using a BS narrative for the media and fans, to cover up what TMD has reported all along… MÖTLEY CRÜE is totally faking it live.

Sixx wants everyone to believe that it is all due to Mars’ ‘cognitive’ decline, age related memory problems that Mars is not able to play the Crue’s song correctly, despite Sixx not being able to play his bass live, nor does Tommy Lee perform without backing track assistance or singer Vince Neil.