June 22, 2024

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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s ‘Rain Man’: The Strange Genius of Drummer Tommy Lee

by Randy “Rocket” Cody

In what will undoubtedly go down as the most disastrous comeback in rock n roll history, MÖTLEY CRÜE‘s epic downfall played out right before fans very eyes in 2022 during the less than stellar The Stadium Tour live performances.

Sabotage, broken ribs, fake drumming, and more was confirmed to have all happened due to in fighting that was going on between Vince Neil and Tommy Lee.

It’s rumored that Vince Neil broke Tommy Lee‘s ribs in a fight during their last rehearsal before the first show of the Stadium Tour. Apparently, it happened after Vince got tired of Tommy making fat jokes at his expense. Lee was continually calling the rotund singer “Vince Meal”. The incident was so embarrassing that Lee did not want to confess the truth about what really happened that led to his injury.

 “I’m not gonna tell you how because it’s fuckin’ bullshit. I wish I had a cool story for you, but I definitely don’t, man; it ain’t fuckin’ cool.”

Next, Tommy’s wife allegedly concocts a cover story that is as ridiculous sounding as the couple’s horrendous new techno song titled “Bouncy Castle”. 

After fans waited through two postponements, Lee made them wait even longer, before they could see a full set performed by the original members of the Crue. In fact, he only played three songs before replacement drummer Tommy Clufetos stepped in to finish the concert.

Tommy Lee follows this up by throwing some cooked ribs out into the crowd during a gig to make a joke out of the matter. This was followed by Lee demanding Crue’s female fans flash their tits, and Lee posting his dick picture on his social pages, not before he told fans he was going to summon aliens. Let me remind everyone Tommy is nearly 60 years old. As if all of this wasn’t insane enough, Lee pulled a weiner dog out of his pants as to keep the attention off the controversy of how he exactly broke his ribs.

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Then I caught Tommy fake drumming using a “backing track” – which really was embarrassing for the band.

Although, Tommy took the biggest hit when a former Crue groupie came forward with a purported “drugging/attempted rape” story that involved her girlfriend and Tommy Lee back in the 80s.

This is when the wheels started to come off the Crue’s big comeback.

Next, TMD broke the story to the masses about John 5 replacing founding guitarist Mick Mars, nearly two weeks before any other news outlet. Ex-Crue singer John Corabi now believes Nikki Sixx is not telling the truth about why exactly Mars was replaced. Did he retire due to health issues or was he forced out?

Or was Mick finally fed up with Nikki, Tommy and Vince’s antics and decided to walk?

After that, a shocking new rumor starts in November claiming ex-Creed singer Scott Stapp is being considered to replace Vince Neil.

Despite the intense feud going on between Lee and Neil, along with Mick Mars jumping ship, the floundering Crue somehow booked World Tour dates into 2023 and a second North American tour slated for 2024. No matter what he does to derail the Crazy Train of the Crue, Tommy Lee is like Rain Man, because it doesn’t matter how bad he behaves, everyone loves him like their retarded friend from childhood.

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