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MÖTLEY CRÜE Drops A Turd On A Great Night Of Music (OPINION)

­Music critic Jeff Napier of Nuvo webzine has posted his concert review for the most recent stop of The Stadium Tour. He is not kind about what he saw from the Crue at Lucas Oil Stadium this past Tuesday. Here are a couple excerpts from his concert review:

“Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx rip into what I think was “Wildside,” and the whole evening went to shit. Vince Neil sounded like he was sucking on helium when you could hear him at all. The mix was muddy and dominated by bass and kick drum. Mick Mars may as well stayed in the hotel room. The few times the bass and drums allowed the vocals and guitars to be heard, everything was offbeat and not at all in harmony. Hell, the crowd couldn’t even bang their heads or scream along because you really couldn’t be sure where you were in the song or fuck, even what song it was.”

“It was baffling. The other bands sounded great and clear and made for a great evening. Then the headliner comes out and, like, drops a giant poop all over the place. It would have been more entertaining to see Tommy Lee smack his dick against a gong for the entire set. There were hot, half-naked girls bumping and grinding across the stage, and Nikki Sixx is pretty to look at, so all was not lost. But Jesus, what a disappointing end to an otherwise stellar evening of music.”

The Stadium Tour has been plagued by the Crue’s downward spiral of a comeback, capturing news headlines for drummer Tommy Lee’s obvious sabotage of his own band, including pretending to suffer from 4 broken ribs, getting caught fake playing the drums and now Lee is the subject of a disturbing allegation that claims the rocker might have been responsible for drugging a woman in the early 80s.