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Rumor: PANTERA To Replace MÖTLEY CRÜE On The Stadium Tour

As the negative concert reviews mount for the bad boys of rock, MÖTLEY CRÜE faces the possibility of being replaced on their own comeback tour, believe it or not. The kicker is that the band rumored to be at the top of the list to take their spot on the bill is none other than PANTERA.

Vince’s Bad Attitude Is Turning Everyone Off: Just Don’t Call Him Vince Meal!

This is not a joke. Trust me, the only clowning around is coming from the Crue. Word going around Crue’s camp is that Vince is so pissed off about Nikki Sixx drowning out his vocals with bass during their sets that he’s ready to walk from the comeback with both middle fingers in the air. There always needed to be a PLAN B, but it looks like ex-Crue singer John Corabi wants nothing to do with saving the day.

The other band that is being considered is RATT. Although, Anselmo and his gang would love such a grand opportunity to set a place on fire as they prepare to make their long-awaited return with their upcoming 2023 North American tour, the legendary Texas groove metal band’s first planned headliner tour in over 20 years.

Philip H. Anselmo, Rex Brown, Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante: Cowboys From Hell Rides Again!

Did you know that PANTERA actually started out as a glam metal band like the Crue?

Look, it’s a sad thing to have to report, but the Crue is officially dead and bloated. Stick a fork in em!

It’s not like TMD didn’t predict this trainwreck was going to happen. The Crue’s comeback has been plagued since the very start, when Tommy Lee sat out most the first six concerts due to four broken ribs (that he faked, because he is back playing full shows again miraculously).

How did he get injured? Well, his wife and the band want you to believe Tommy fell down some stairs carrying luggage while his defiant cab driver watched on. Or you can believe what really happened. Vince Neil put the beat down on Lee for fat shaming him and calling the troubled singer “Vince Meal,” which led to Lee shitting his pants (yes for real) and being embarrassed enough to want to cover it all up.