April 18, 2024

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Slugcrust Sign With Prosthetic Records

Prosthetic Records have announced the signing of Slugcrust, a four-piece grind band featuring members of Wvrm. The South Carolina group will release their debut album, titled Ecocide, on September 9. A video for lead single “Echoless” can be viewed here:

Slugcrust comment: “We are incredibly stoked to announce that Slugcrust have signed with Prosthetic Records for the unveiling of our new full length LP, Ecocide, and other future releases in the works. To us, Ecocide represents our rebirth as artists, gnawing our way to the surface of the unforgiving scorched earth that has been our lives these past few years. This record is the firing of a gun before the race, the tumultuous calling card, the scorched earth foundation we only want to build upon in years to come. We sincerely hope you fuckers enjoy it.”

Of “Echoless,” the band add: “Echoless is entropy to oblivion from start to finish, both musically and lyrically. It is a defiant chant of personality amid a malevolent and dispersing force, the sound of nothing dying.”

Ecocide track listing:

01. Demise Promise
02. Drag Me to Agony
03. Buzzard Czar
04. No Heirs / Dead Souls
05. Echoless
06. Arachno-Mariticide
07. Petrochemical
08. Scoundrel / Wraith
09. Swamp Mind
10. Juris Domina
11. Ecocide
12. Event Horizon

Slugcrust | Facebook

Prosthetic Records