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TYRANNOS – Release New EP

Following on from their 2017 demo, Beneath The Pharaonic Necropolis, London based explorers of the extreme TYRANNOS have returned. This time they bring with them four songs of challenging, boundary smashing death metal, four songs steeped in horror and swathed in mystery, four songs that will take you on a journey into the heart of darkness and beyond. Crafted with passion, meticulous skill and dedication to the dark – this is Spears Of The Aten!

Since their first steps along this road Tyrannos have pushed themselves to the limits, on an endless quest to deliver fearsome, imperious music that combines the magnificence of the death metal genre’s pioneers with a new unfettered vision. Seeking only the best, Tyrannos have employed the services of Morbid Angel drummer, Scott Fuller, to provide the world-shaking apocalyptic thunder which propels these twisting, labyrinthine tracks forward. Additional colour and drama are added to remarkable compositions like ‘The Tyrant’s Bane’ by cello, viola and violin embellishments and Alkaloid’s Morean applies an ethereal sheen to ‘Sun Disc Cataclysm’ with a stunning guest guitar solo. The foundations of Spears Of The Aten however remain forged from the arcane riffs and sorcerous song writing of Tyrannos – a death metal power in the making.

Mixed and mastered by Damian Herring (Blood IncantationHorrendousFather Befouled etc) at Subterranean Watchtower Studios and arrayed in the artwork of Adrian Baxter (AlunahParadise LostVI etc) Spears Of The Aten is an incendiary voluntary that heralds a new dark age of death metal. Be ready for 21st June when the gates will open and Tyrannos will ride forth, armed with the Spears Of The Aten.

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