SOCIETY 1 – Debut “As I Die” Music Video

SOCIETY 1 – Debut “As I Die” Music Video

The new SOCIETY 1 album “Black Level Six” is out now and available on all streaming platforms. A deluxe USB version of the album is available with 4 alternative mixes plus 65 bonus songs at Check out the slamming new music video “As I Die” down below.

Written by Matt Zane & DV Karloff Produced by Matt Zane Engineer: Patrick Burkholder Mixed by Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks) Mastered by Mike Wells (Green Day, Jello Biafra)

“…one of metal’s most enduring and best kept secrets…” (Crypt Magazine)

“… the new tunes fucking rock!” – Rocket, THE METAL DEN

Black Level Six is an experimental album. The idea was to ask the question, “What would a Society 1 album sound like if we recorded it in 1994 in a similar way that Nirvana recorded In Utero?” We heard they recorded the album in 6 days with Steve Albini and of course this was before Pro Tools. So some rules were set up for us such as “no vocal tune” and “no copying and pasting vocals.” The music was recorded in 4 days and guitar solos performed by Justin Manning were an additional day. Mixing took 5 days and was done by punk legend Greg Hetson of The Circle Jerks and Bad Religion.

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