April 17, 2024

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BROTALITY – New Album “The Woods Will End You” Announced

Just a year on from their warmly received debut album, Worldwide DesolationBROTALITY are back with a new entry in the chronicle of their remarkable rise through the ranks of the metal underground. The Maopolski brothers have crafted an album of accomplished skill and captivating imagination, drawing on the influence of heavy metal’s revered legends, its groundbreaking contemporary pioneers and their own unique and powerful vision. Journey with them into forbidden territories and discover the magic and the terror beneath the trees. Prepare yourself for the musical revelations of The Woods Will End You.

Since Brotality began in 2016 the band have developed at incredible speed. From the unbridled energy and enthusiasm of their first EP, Hypernova, Brotality have morphed into a formidable proposition that couples the hard hitting riff attack of thrash with the adventurous, expressive dexterity of progressive metal. Most tellingly this band have now mastered the art of song writing, crafting dynamic pieces that challenge and entice, drawing listeners into the embrace of their hooks, melodies and exhilarating power. From rigorous, imposing heaviness to passages of uplifting beauty, Brotality have woven it all into the fabric of the tale that is The Woods Will End You.

Now with drummer John Haring firmly ensconced in the ranks Brotality are better equipped than ever before to continue their mission of spreading positivity through the power of metal. This young band have already opened for the likes of Deep Purple and Judas Priest, picking up numerous awards and radio chart recognition along the way. With the June 3rd release of The Woods Will End You through Rottweiler Records, word of Brotality will spread further and faster around the world. Driven to succeed, there is nothing that Brotality cannot achieve.

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