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MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Vince Neil Had Survived Second Suicide Attempt In 2021, Called Scott Stapp For Help (UPDATED)

MÖTLEY CRÜE was forced to postpone their planned comeback tour a second time in 2021, pushing it back to 2022, and TMD has learned that the real reason for the rescheduling has nothing to do with COVID-19. As the story goes, the band’s troubled lead singer Vince Neil allegedly attempted suicide for the first time last year and word now is that Vince has attempted suicide a second time, and this is why he had to abruptly cancel his solo concert on April 14th.

A source close to the band has confirmed that Vince survived the 2nd attempt on ending his own life a couple years back, and the troubled singer actually phoned CREED singer Scott Stapp for help.

Radio DJ “Big Rig” was the first to say TMD was perpetuating another hoax. He works for Tampa Bay, Florida’s Rock101FM station and stated:

“There’s no doubt there is some tension within the band with Vince’s trouble…”

The truth is that once it was tipped off that Sixx was planning on firing Vince again, and the remaining original members began to do secret rehearsals with Stapp last year, the band went into cover up mode with the media and this radio site’s DJ, like all the Crue’s fans, was duped into thinking it’s hoax, when in reality, it’s absolutely true. Stapp ultimately turned down the physical role of replacing Neil on the stage, instead opting to help recreate Neil’s voice on the new Crue studio album with AI technology. Stapp and CREED have since confirmed they are going to reunite just as TMD had reported.

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Word is that Vince Neil has fallen off the wagon again and is drinking himself to death, as confirmed by ex-Crue limo driver, Al Bowman. Neil first reportedly overdosed summer of 2020 at his home. He had to be saved by a next door neighbor, who luckily was able to bring Vince back from the land of the dead by doing CPR on the rotund frontman. All of this was covered up by his bandmates and band manager, because they are terrified of fans finding out. Mick Mars later confirmed that Neil was indeed troubled and forced to lip sync because he was in such bad mental and physical shape.

Ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE Limo Driver Claims VINCE NEIL Is Drinking Himself To Death

The second suicide attempt found Vince actually floating face down in his pool, after swallowing an entire bottle of sleeping pills with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Despite Ozzy Osbourne attempting to save his friend’s life by admitting Vince into a Texas rehab facility, the singer quit soon after and when Ozzy tried a second time, Neil said “Everybody is just picking on me!” and so he ditched rehab again, soon opting instead to purchase a $10,000 bottle of booze.

The Stadium Tour, featuring Def Leppard got rescheduled for June 16, 2022.